Nature and Aims of the CakePHP Application

The aim of the following blog is to show my development through the module “Server Side Systems”. This blog is focused on my CakePHP development work.

My CakePHP application is based on existing project. During next few weeks I will be fixing and extending the given CakePHP USCMS.

The purpose of the Football Stars Cake PHP application is to gather information about football players. Every logged-in application user can add new football players. One single post describes one football player.

The initial core functions that will be included are:
• Authentication and permissions for posts, comments and users,
• User registration and log-in,
• User roles with an admin role, so the admin can edit other users,
• Item editing for admins only,
• Utilizing ENUM for drop downs,
• Styling and layout,
• Data Sanatization,
• Pagination,
• Data Validation.